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SanDisk Sansa C100

SanDisk Sansa C100

The SanDisk Sansa c100 series includes a 1GB (c140) and 2GB (c150) version of this flash based MP3 player. The player includes your basic set of features, including a 1.21 inch screen for viewing photos and navigation through WMA and MP3 audio files. The player will also support WMA DRMed tracks, including subscription services such as Yahoo! Unlimited and Napster To Go. The Sansa c100 also packs in an FM tuner and voice recording.

Introducing the Sansa c100 Series MP3 players. Created by the leaders in flash memory, this Flash-based player provides everything you need to play music in vibrant colour! This affordable, compact colour-screen MP3 player has an amazingly easy-to-use interface. It supports Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription music and is available in 1GB and 2GB capacities. Extra features include the digital FM tuner with 20 preset stations, FM on-the-fly recording, voice recording and photo thumbnail playback.

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